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Curriculum Vitae

Audrey Watters

Speaking Arrangements

Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your event. My travel schedule is listed on my website, so you can check my availability before you reach out to me. .

Please tell me in advance exactly what you’re expecting from me: How long should I speak? Are there other meetings you expect me to attend in addition to my lecture? (If so, please recognize that traveling and speaking are really exhausting, and I will need some down time.)

We will not need to get on the phone to plan my visit. I do this a lot; I know what I’m doing. We can talk about everything over email. I promise.

Some things I do like to know: is there a particular topic you’d like me to address? Are there particular issues – in your organization, on your campus – I should be aware of? Do you have a goal for my presence?

Please note that I can be a provocative speaker. You need to look for someone else if you aren’t interested in that.

Speaking fees: I do not have a fixed speaking fee as I charge a different amount depending on the size of the audience, the location, the type of event, and so on. But listen: this is how I pay the rent. I cannot speak for free. When you think about what an appropriate fee might be, do recognize I write a new talk for each speaking engagement. An hour-long lecture is about 5000 words. So my fee should not just account for the hour I’ll spend at the podium. There are real costs for me to write a talk and, of course, to travel. Please be respectful of that.

Equipment: I really would prefer to use my own computer for the presentation. (I use a MacBook Air, and yes, I will bring a dongle.) I use Keynote for my slides, and I find converting to PowerPoint messes up the fonts and the layout. Rarely do I include video in my presentation, but I will let you know if I need to plug into the sound system. If you insist that I use a different computer during the presentation or that I give you slides in a different format, know that I will not be able to hand you these until the day I am speaking. (I won’t lie. I finish my talk the night before.)

It is usually fine with me if you want to record audio and/or video of my lecture or to livestream it. I retain all rights to my talk. I will publish a transcript on Hack Education afterwards.

Travel arrangements: I don’t mind making my own travel plans, but you expect me to do so, let me know how (and how quickly) I will be reimbursed. If you book the hotel, please choose one close to the speaking venue (or arrange transportation). I currently live in NYC, if that helps you imagine how I'll get from here to there.

Promotional materials: Here is a headshot you can use for publicity, and here is a short bio.

updated June 2023